Cozy All the Time: How Air Conditioners Work

If when you think of old-fashioned air conditioning methods you think of fans blowing over large blocks of ice and how far we have come in the past 100 years or so, you would be wrong. The truth is, with the addition of a few new electronic gizmos, the processes that we use to cool ourselves today are the same in concept as they were 100 years ago. There might not be any more ice blocks, but there is a blower, combined with a simple law of physics.

As Your Physics Teacher

As any physics teacher will tell you, when a liquid converts to a gas, it absorbs heat. This process, called phase conversion, takes place within the closed network of coils that are inside the air conditioner. These compounds, called refrigerants, are created so that they change into a gas at a relatively low temperature.

Air conditioners also contain fans that move warm air over the refrigerant-filled coils. It is important to note that even with large central air conditioning units the very same principles are followed, only with larger blowers and ducts that divert the moving air.

Whala! Cool Air!

If the air conditioning system stopped at this point the air wouldn’t be very cool. Instead, in order to make the cooling process more efficient, the liquid that was at first converted to a gas needs to be converted back to a liquid again. In this process, however, a compressor compresses the gas at high temperature, which creates heat that is moved outdoors via condenser coils and a second fan. What is left is cool air that is blown into your home or room, and the process begins all over again.

The Anatomy of an Air Conditioner

If the above is all an air conditioner did it probably wouldn’t be very efficient in that it would run without any control over how and when it did its job. Instead, there are several other processes that work simultaneously to make you cool and comfortable. First, there’s the thermostat, which monitors the temperature at which your air conditioner works. This is a two-way function, of course, since you can manually override this process when you want to change that temperature. Another process is the dehumidifier, which works as the air conditioner works because moisture is taken out of the air as it cools.

Window vs. Central

Electricity Companies Wingate Texas will tell you, As relatively simple as all of this sounds, window air conditioners are different from central air systems in that the former are all contained in a metal box that fits inside your window. Central air units share a thermostat with the heating system which makes them work together when you adjust the temperature accordingly, making you comfortable regardless of the season.

How To Eat The Right Serving Sizes

The amount of food you eat at each meal has a lot to do with gaining weight. If you consistently eat large portions, you are consuming too many calories. Gradually reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal to lose weight. If you make the change too fast, you will likely feel hungry and fail. The goal is to reduce your portions gradually so your stomach can adapt. Healthy foods such as organic fruits, Lancaster PA Safeco, vegetables and meats are the kinds of foods you should strive to eat. Reduce the amount of junk food you put in your body to lose weight. Soft drinks contain empty calories with no nutritional value. Replace these drinks with fresh bottled water. Water has no calories and aids in digestion. Keep track of your food and water intake by keeping a food diary. Combine your healthy diet habits with an exercise program that interest you. There are workouts you can purchase on CD that makes exercising more fun. Working out to music can lift your spirits and help you stick with the program. Join a fitness class at your local gym to increase your metabolism. Aerobics classes may also combine strength training exercises to get you in shape faster.

How Yoga Strengthens The Body And Soul

There are a lot of benefits to practicing yoga on a regular basis. It can improve your overall health in many ways. While it is common knowledge that one of these benefits is that it strengthens the body as you hold certain positions to work the muscles, it is not so widely known that it strengthens the soul. However, yoga can do just that when you make it part of your life.

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How Pilates Strengthens Your Body’s Core

Pilates exercises and classes have become a staple of workout routines thanks to their adaptability for all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Its emphasis is on whole-body awareness and strengthening the core, or “powerhouse”, meaning it protects the body against back injuries, increases flexibility and improves posture.

The powerhouse refers to the area between the bottom on the ribs and the top of the thigh. Pilates targets the surface and deep muscles by keeping the torso in Continue reading

Bringing The Bike To Work

When I was overweight, I used to spend many sleepless nights on the old Hughes net satellite internet trying to do my research to find any information I could on losing weight. I think for a lot of us, it isn’t so much the fact that we don’t want to exercise but that we simply don’t feel like we have the time. Many of us who pull in 40 hour work weeks are often times so drained by the daily grind that we just have no desire to then get up and move again. That’s why you bring the bike to work.

If you have a job that is within riding distance from your home, then there is a way you could actually incorporate some exercise and make the time. Riding your bike to work is a great source of exercise and this aerobic activity can actually help you in the long run by increasing blood flow and promoting healthy digestion. All you need is maybe 20 to 30 minutes of solid biking, that could equate to a commute to and from the job and if you are consistent you might be surprised to see just how good you feel after each work day.

The Right Foods For Losing Weight

Losing weight is a difficult and challenging proposition for many adults concerned with expanding waistlines and declining health and fitness. Contemporary diets high in fatty fast foods, complex carbohydrates and sugary soft drinks combine with sedate lifestyles to produce high amounts of fats stored in the body, resulting in poor health, fitness and ultimately a poor quality of life. Choosing the right foods for losing weight is an important part of any health and fitness pyramid including frequent and intense cardiovascular exercise and weight resistance training.

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Best Exercises For Great Looking Legs

They key to having great looking legs is based on targeting the primary leg muscle groups and shaping them to your desired size. Having strong legs does not necessarily meet the aesthetic appeal of both men and women, so the exercises must be tailored slightly reflect your personal desired outcome.

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Fitness Tips For Upper Body Strength

Increasing upper body strength is often one of the primary goals of weight lifters and exercisers, but can be a beneficial goal for health-conscious individuals of any age or fitness level. Increasing upper body strength provides for excellent support for the skeletal system, burns increased calories throughout the day, and provides individuals with the power they need to perform rigorous and often repetitive tasks. Anyone can increase their upper body strength by paying attention to a few simple tips.

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The Best Healthy Snack Options For Any Age

Choosing healthy and nutritious snacks is one of the most often overlooked steps towards achieving improved health and fitness. Many health-conscious consumers, of all ages, reach almost instinctively for snack foods high in saturated fats, carbohydrates and sugars, all of which ultimately contribute to poor health and diet. High calorie snack foods cause consumers to store excess energy as fat, leading to unsightly cellulite deposits and contributing to many associated health risks. By changing dietary habits and learning to snack on Continue reading